Here at Orphic Solutions, we specialize in your IT. From cloud products such as Parallels Plesk & Cloud Linux or Amazon AWS, to a more standard enterprise shop running Unix (Such as AIX) or Linux (such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux), infrastructure configuration on routers, switches, and firewalls, or Virtualization Solutions such as PowerVM & VMWare.
Orphic Solutions has also begun to occupy space in the job placement venue, where we've chosen for ethical reasons to only work with clients offering direct hire positions. Here at Orphic Solutions we are uniquely qualified as a talent agency because everyone here is highly technical, and as a rule of thumb only seek to fill positions where we have enough knowledge to ask a candidate educated questions.
Thank you for visiting! Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about our range of products & services!
What's New at Orphic?
  • We've stood up a public knowledge base using DokuWiki that covers documentation on some of the issues we work with day-to-day. You can see it here.
    Down until server migration complete
  • We've begun work on a TSM server using AWS and are working actively to put an offsite backup solution in place to fulfill current and future DR and versioning needs for our clients.
"[Orphic Solutions] did a great job for us on our initial project and we look forward to having [their] help going forward on future work as needed."
    Steve - Positive Design, Inc.

"Two words on your TSM reconstruction & reclaimation changes: Bad ***!"
    J.C. - Norwegian Cruise Line
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